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We are a team of proven, focused lawyers, with decades of combined experience obtaining compensation for victims of personal injury and wrongful death. Hurtig Law Group is a highly respected, very active legal resource for people seriously hurt in accidents, as well as families who have lost a loved one due to wrongful death.

Hurtig Law Group is an efficient, full-service law office dedicated to serving all Floridians across the full economic and cultural spectrum. Our attorneys offer forthright, honest counsel to every client who seeks our help — including but not limited to individuals who primarily speak Spanish and Creole. When you come to us for a free initial consultation, you will receive personal attention and an experienced assessment of your case.

A Track Record of Success in Injury and Malpractice Cases

The sooner you contact us after an accident, the more effectively we can help you protect your rights — and the more decisively we can move to start gathering evidence and building that case. You will not be responsible for attorney fees unless we succeed in recovering financial compensation through settlement or at trial.



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